[He turns on his side and lays his head on a pillow, watching silently as she slides into the splits.]

   Impressive, yes, but now that I’ve seen you do it while holding yourself up with your arms, a little bit less so.

      Get up, come over here. I’m bored. 

[ She grins again, adjusting her leg so that she can stand back up, moving over to where his head is and hover over him. ]

         Anything else you need to command me in, oh Great One?

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[Basil watches her with wide eyes, shifting uncomfortably on the couch, almost flinching.]

   Actually that looks painful. Attractive, yes, but painful. I think I heard your spine pop. 

[ She exhales, releasing the position and standing up before adjusting her shirt. ]

         After you’ve been doing gymnastics since before you were even nine, you get used to it.

             Is this more comfortable?

[ She keeps her eyes on him as she drops into the splits, allowing herself to seem a little cocky.  After all, it was one of the few things she was completely confident in. ]

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[Basil watches her, turning on his side and stretching out on the couch. His eyes travel from her legs to her face, spending a considerable amount of time in between, and he smirks.]

   That’s…….. Interesting. 

[ Olivia grins, looking over at him quickly before lifting one leg up and shifting into something of an upside-down split.  She rests down on her arms comfortably before looking over at him again. ]

         I know you asked about cheerleading things, but seeing as how that would require more flipping and whatnot, I’ve elected not to destroy your apartment.

[ She raises a brow, still smirking. ]

         I hope this is a better alternative.

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[Basil blinks, looking mildly surprised at the offer, but nodding. He couldn’t imagine Olivia as a student, wearing that outfit and jumping about and being all smiley.]


[ She sits up and swings her legs over, standing up and moving around to the edge of the coffee table before pulling it out of the way.  She then moves back to the newly cleared out area, quickly stretching her legs as she prepares for her first move.  Carefully, she leans backwards and stretches her body into a bridge, holding it and shutting her eyes with a sigh. ]

         Mm…Its been a while.

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{She took the blanket with an appreciative smile, settling it over her lap.}

       I’m not. Busy, I m-mean. I’d love to stay.

[ She grins, her excitement flowing through her and threatening to be felt all around. ]

                  Lovely!  I’ve picked up some chicken from the market and have some green beans fresh from my garden that I’ve been preparing. Thought I’d saute them both, chop some garlic and use it with both of them.  How does that sound?

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[Basil nods, glad that Olivia didn’t wish to stay on the topic, but instead of talking about the murders, he asks a rather random question;]

   Can you still do… cheerleading things? 

[ Olivia raises a brow, but ends up smirking and nodding. ]

         …Want me to show you some?

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{Bonnie thought for a moment, mentally sifting through her wardrobe, then gave a little shrug.}

         It m-might be a little fun. Dressing up. I d-don’t know about a cocktail dress,

[ She felt a cool forest breeze come through the house and shivered, pulling two of the blankets nearby and passing one to Bonnie as an offering. ]

                  I’ve got some stuff if you want to look through it for…I don’t know, inspiration or something.  Do you want any food or something?  Tea?  You should stick around for some dinner.  Unless you’re busy.

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[Basil pushes away from the piano and moves over to the couch, lifting up Olivia’s head and sitting so that her head is in his lap.]

   Hate you? Very few things could make me hate you. 

      I suppose you can if you want to. I don’t care that much. 

[ Olivia smiles softly and adjusts herself so that she’s comfortable, looking up at him from his lap. ]

          Multiple sources helps with justification of the unknown.  If it ever came down to it, I want to have enough information to back up reason in this case, is all.

                But we don’t need to talk about it anymore.  No more family.  Let’s get back to dissolving flesh and kidnapping virgins.

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{Settling next to Olivia, she subconsciously mimicked the girl’s stance; crossing her legs.}

      Well, pretty m-much any time on the weekends.. I- Well I’ll p-probably need to go shopping first, odds are I d-don’t have anything… Uhm, appropriate.

[ Olivia laughed lightly. ]

                  You can honestly wear whatever you want.  It’s not your job to conform to the masses.  As long as you find some comfort in the things you look to.  So you shouldn’t expect that the only thing you’re allowed to wear is cocktail dress that leaves little to the imagination.

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